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  • Generate thousands of ready-to-buy respondents with customer centric, relevant messages.

  • Increase traditional media effectiveness, driving higher sales within your same budget.

  • Implement a new promotion in days, resulting in an increase in marketing return on investment.

  • Identify which creative and/or offer resonates best with your customer and adjust your mix on a real-time basis.

  • Implement your campaigns rapidly and easily through our turn-key, hosted solution which eliminates long start-up cycles and capital investment.

We specialize in:

* Political voice mail messages - ELECTIONS!
* Vote Reminder - automatic calls www.votereminder.com 
* Political marketing campaigns - Increase Voters!
* Voter ID surveys - Vote Reminders
* Automated polling campaigns - Elections!
* Public opinion polling - Elections!
* Campaign fundraising - Direct Calls to Call Centers!
* IVR touchtone services - We Customize!


* Government: emergency mass notification
* Business voice messaging
* Event Mass Notification 
* Customer service surveys
* Frequency marketing - It's in the numbers!
* Persuasion messaging - Constant Contact!
* Nonprofit fundraising - Direct Calls to Call Center!
* Advocacy voice messaging - Great for Elections!
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