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Thousands of people? Try millions...
CallZing leverages an immense calling capacity, with the ability to send out several million calls a day. If you need to contact a small town or millions of households across the nation - CallZing can do it.

Leverage an at-home volunteer pool to help you win your campaign. Our system allows you to upload your list of voters, and in turn allows your distributed volunteer workforce to connect to voters on the list uploaded!

Say goodbye to inefficient printed lists and phone bank parties!

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Emergency Voice Message Broadcasting

Political Campaign Calling - GOTV Calling:

Direct voice campaigns can effectively target geographical regions, and guarantee delivery to a live person or an answering machine, making it significantly more effective than TV, radio or direct mail.

As a candidate, or political advocate, you may record your own voice message within minutes, and have 100,000's of voters hear your message within 24 hours. CallZing is capable of 1000's of simultaneous phone calls, and is the quickest, most effective way, to broadcast your political message. No other dialer can dial your campaign as fast as we can. Your dialing campaigns can run anywhere in size from 10,000 to 10,000,000 numbers, depending on the number of voters you wish to contact!

*Contact as many Voters as you want, in a short period of time.
*Give Live Voters the option to transfer to your campaign volunteers for more information, or simply play your message.
*View the outcome of every phone call, this file can be easily downloaded as an excel spreadsheet.
*You only pay for Live Answer pickups and Answering Machines. You don't pay for Busy's, No Answer's, or Bad numbers.
*Save $1000's on marketing costs, received substantial ROI, and target your region like never before.
*CallZing requires nothing except an internet connection and a credit card.
*Live, Comprehensive statistics. So you know how many Voters you've contacted and how quickly your campaign completed.

Sample Campaign from Political Candidate George Washington:

When an individual picks up the phone, CallZing plays the following sound file:

"Hi my name George Washington and I'm running for President of the United States of America. I'm calling you today to ask for your support of me, George Washington in the November Elections. I promise to focus on Education, Health Care, The War, and Medicare, and will listen to you, the general public, once I am in office. Press 1 now to speak to someone from my staff, if you have questions on how I plan on helping the United States become a better place to live. Remember, Vote for George Washington! Thank you."


Emergency Voice Message Broadcasting

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