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Voice Message Broadcasting

Easy campaign creation
Get your message out fast! Our interface allows you to quickly create: Live Answer Only, Answering Machine Only, or Mixed campaigns (with or without Transfers.)

Easy campaign management
Start and stop campaigns with the click of a button. You can run multiple campaigns at once or one at a time. Advanced users and developers, please see our Voice Broadcasting API below.

High volume dialing
Dial 10,000's of simultaneous calls, save the cost of owning multiple T1's or DS3s.

Set the caller-id that your recipients will see when you dial using CallZing.  Ask about special Compliance ID's and revenue!

Dialing speeds
Easily change the speed at which your campaign dials or (for predictive campaigns) how many agents you have at your call center .

8.9¢/Minute or less! That's it. CallZing doesn't charge for unanswered calls or busy signals. There are no monthly minimums or sign-up fees.

Excellent reliability & sound quality
We use high-quality providers to ensure that our phone calls sound great. We rigorously test and use multiple providers to ensure a high quality of service.

Real-time & comprehensive statistics
Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to quickly view the current status (per-call detail) and even export the outcome of each of your campaigns to Microsoft Excel. With FULL CDR's (Call Detail Reports).

Real-time & comprehensive statistics   High volume dialing


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Emergency Voice Message Broadcasting

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